Birth Pangs of the Non-Literal Variety

posted on May 17th, 2010

It’s been a hectic, distracting winter, but spring has finally arrived here in western Pennsylvania, and I think it’s decided to stick around (although it’s cold again today, so don’t place your wagers just yet). I spent the winter putzing around with some humor essays—writing new ones, tweaking old ones—and now they’re coagulating nicely in a puddle I’m calling Head in the Sand . . . and other unpopular positions.

The book’s in final layout stages this week, with all files heading to the printer by week’s end, even if I have to insert an I.V. drip of Maxwell House and use those coupons for a box of Depends. (The two things work together, of course.) So far, that hasn’t been necessary, but the week is young, so again, no wagering.

The problem with letting an entire season go by without updating one’s blog—even if one did have good excuses and lots of commiserative hugging and head-nodding—is that one finds approximately 5,327 unmoderated spam comments dangling on the proverbial dashboard. Give or take several dozen. Apparently C!alis, lisinopril and Russian spam are all quite popular. (I couldn’t read the Russian spam, but I think they were trying to sell C!alis and lisinopril.)  I buckled down and did my cyber-spring-housecleaning here (which was far easier than trying to do any actual spring housecleaning in my actual house). And now that the book will be available for sale within a few short weeks, it’s time to dust the place off and get rid of the blogjam from which I’ve suffered since the beginning of the calendar year.

It’s also time to crank up some Sponge or Vigilantes of Love music and get back to work. I’ll sound the general alert as soon as Head in the Sand is available for order on (with a direct link I’ll post here). Let’s get ready to rrrrrrrrumble!

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