Au-tographed Bookplates

Want my priceless signature inside your copy of Head in the Sand? No problem! Or, do you want my autograph inside your paperback copy of Mein Kampf or Fear of Flying? I can do that!

Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, along with the name to use to personalize the bookplate, and I’ll send back both the bookplate and a business-card-sized bookmark! What a great deal!

Normally I’d say here, “Supplies are limited!” … but really, they’re not. I’ve got a ton of these things and enough black Sharpies to cramp up my hand until the middle of next year. So, send those SASEs on over!

Linda M Au
PO Box 133
New Brighton, PA 15066-0133

About Linda M Au

Freelance humor and fiction writer; Proofreader; Typesetter; Word Brain; Wife of a Math Brain; Crocheter of afghans; Caretaker of Bob and Frid, the guinea pigs; and Meanderer around Sam's Club

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