No sense of humor

So, we’re apparently house-hunting now. Wayne and I are so different in so many ways (he’s an electrical engineer and I’m a writer—’nuf said) that I figure I should ask him what kinds of things he’ll be looking for in a new house.

“Well, I like a two-story house.”

Meanwhile, I was thinking a ranch house since we both just hit 50 and we ain’t gettin’ any younger.

“Okay, I suppose we could always install one of those chair-lift thingies when we get older,” I say in a spirit of compromise. “What else?”

“And, I think it should be on a level lot.”

“Aha, so it’ll be easier to mow and take care of?”

“No, there’s always a riding mower. I just thought you could do more with a level lot.”

“Such as…?”

“…Like, you know, parking junked-up cars there.”


More silence.

I look over and after what is an agonizing ten more seconds, the dimples show up and he cracks a smile. I relax my tightened forehead and sphincter and breathe freely. You see, I’ve lived with this man for nearly twelve years now. He could’ve been dead serious. I’m just relieved he sees fit to laugh at his own jokes, even if he never laughs at mine.

It’s going to be a longggggg house hunt.

3 thoughts on “No sense of humor

  1. Lots of luck – hope you find the perfect house. Running up and down stairs is great exercise but just make sue you have phone extension on both floors!

  2. Shirls, I hadn’t thought of it that way. That means I get a lot of exercise here, if you include trips to the basement to do laundry. 😉

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