Distract me, please. Keep me busy. Say hello.

So, I’m sitting here on a 90-degree day (with about 70% humidity) in one of the three air-conditioned rooms in our house … and I thank God that one of those three is my home office. Thunder rumbles outside every so often, meaning possible rain that will likely only add to the humidity once the rain stops. The joys of summer…

I’m working on several book interior layouts for friends today, as well as tweaking my own manuscript and eventual layout for my first novel to hit print, Do-It-Yourself Widow (coming soon to an online bookseller near you!). I’ve had a love-hate relationship with this story since first writing it back in 2004 (as part of my first NaNoWriMo). In other words, I love the story; I hate editing it.

But on a day like today, when it’s either my air-conditioned office (which means desk work or playing with the guinea pigs) or my air-conditioned bedroom (which means either sleeping or using the Wii Fit), the choice is simple: Do the work. Avoid the exercise like the plague.

The friends’ layouts are as ready as they’re going to get today, so it’s time to fiddle with DIY Widow and market the humor books. If you see a tweet from me, feel free to retweet it. If you have read either Head in the Sand or Fork in the Road and enjoyed what you read, feel free to post an Amazon or Goodreads review.

And as always, I’d love to hear from you. Because honestly, sitting here staring out at the gathering thunderclouds, hoping a storm doesn’t knock the power out to the air conditioner, I need a little distraction today.

Both literally and figuratively: Stay cool, folks!


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