More Proof That Proofreading Isn’t Boring

Well, perhaps I exaggerate. But, here are links to a two-part interview with yours truly about my favorite topic in the whole world (after Gene Wilder and “Weird Al” Yankovic or potential nuclear power plant disasters): proofreading!

Author Dora Machado (my favorite client) interviewed me about my nitpickiness as a career path. Read both parts here (and it’s in two parts because I have way more opinions about this than a normal person has a right to have):

What a Proofreader Can Do for You, and Why OCD Has a Role in the Profession

And, part 2:

Why Texting is a Tool of the Devil and Proofreading Your work Matters . . . A lot!

2 thoughts on “More Proof That Proofreading Isn’t Boring

    1. Thanks so much for letting me ramble on so long! I really do have way too many opinions on nitpicking. Thanks for indulging me (and for being the easy client)!

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