8 thoughts on “Way-Back Wednesday (Typecasting)

  1. I miss the noise the keys make when striking the paper. I’ve written exactly one novel – on a Brother electronic typewriter, 20+ years ago. I think if you’re going to do NaNoWriMo – it should be on a real machine… get those words down and go go go.

    1. NICE! Ten bucks! I’m envious! I paid a little over a dollar a pound for mine, plus that pesky shipping charge (which included, I suspect, a hoisting crane rental and a few dozen rolls of packing tape). 🙂

      Today the Underwood TM-5 is scheduled to be delivered. Then I’ll have some REAL fun! I’m holding off on a Selectric I for now. Those things really seem to hold their value (read: they’re expensive). 🙂

      1. Well, if you’re looking for a blue-keyed one like the Bomber, you’re in for either a long hunt or a steep price tag. It was pure luck that I nabbed the Bomber off local Craigslist (also $10), but they are fairly rare usually.

        Ooh, a Touchmaster 5? That should be a nice one for writing with. (:

    2. The TM-5 is “Out For Delivery.” The nicest three words I know. And, it’s the very model I used in ninth grade typing class back in the ’70s. A whole room full of those things all clunkety-clunking at once! (They don’t really clackety-clack like the Selectric. They definitely clunkety-clunk!)

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