O, the Shame!

I’m sitting in a class on blogging at my favorite writers’ conference here in Grove City, Pennsylvania. And I’m feeling horribly guilty for not having kept this place tidy and neat and updated.

So, Susan’s class has inspired me to get back here to be good blogger. The second book is well underway and the cover art and design are in the works even as I type this. It’s time to put on the big-girl pants and be a grown-up writer. Grown-up writers have deadlines. And I promise to stop letting self-imposed deadlines slip by because they are merely self-imposed.

I am writer; hear me roar. Bring it on!

For the Facebook groupies . .

posted on May 23rd, 2010

If you’re on Facebook and want to start stalking me, now’s your chance, before the crowds really start piling up. I’ve got a Fan Page there that you can “like” and then follow my exploits once Head in the Sand comes out.

My Facebook Fan Page

I got the proof copy in the mail yesterday. There are some color issues on the cover that the cover artist and I will work out on Monday, and then we try a second proof copy. Looks like the book will go “live” on Amazon.com by the end of this coming week. I’ll be sure to post a good direct link here (since going through my link helps me out even a little more—without costing you anything extra).

Till then, dear fans, post all your gushy goodness on the Facebook fan page or here as a comment. I love comments!