BookFest coming soon … and other fun along the way!

Hey gang!

I’m not usually one for blatant self-promotion, but … well, okay, yes I am …

Anyway, the annual Bridgewater BookFest here in western Pennsylvania is coming up soon, in just a few weeks! If you’re a local author (or artist) and haven’t registered for a spot yet, do so quickly. The author registration deadline has been extended until August 31! (Go to the BookFest Web site for a registration form and instructions.)

I’ll be there again this year, selling copies of Head in the Sand  and handing out pathetic promotional bookmarks for Fork in the Road, which doesn’t look like it’ll be quite ready for sale by the BookFest.

I tried, dear readers, I really tried.

But, to have had copies in hand by mid-September, I would have had to cut corners quite a bit—making the book shorter than I would have liked, less funny than I would have liked, and with more typos or layout glitches than I would have been able to handle emotionally. (I’m a fragile flower, dear reader. No, seriously. I am. Fragile. Flower. Blossoming. All that crap. That’s all me.)

We’re still hip-deep in major bathroom renovations here at the new house—meaning we’re still driving the mile back to the old house to take a shower every day (and let me tell you, the fun goes out of that after several months)—and all summer I’ve gone from one major event to another: the St. Davids conference in June (for which I had to prepare a few speeches and talks and lead a few meetings), the RPCNA international conference in July (for which I played office manager and generally had an awesome time), then the first family reunion we’ve had in years (for which we played hosts at the new house, which wasn’t quite ready) in mid-August…

…and two separate “bat” incidents in the new house in between the RPCNA conference and the family reunion. (We’re still holding our breath for a third, hoping the first two were merely flukes.)

So, the fun just never stops here in western Pennsylvania! Next we’ll find piranhas have taken up residence in the new copper plumbing.

Up next then is the aforementioned Bridgewater BookFest (for which I am author liaison this year—and that’ll teach the steering committee to put someone like me in charge of something this important on a year that has just screamed “transition!” for me since January) … and then in early October a St. Davids board meeting, followed in late October by a publication committee board meeting for my denomination.

If I can keep breathing in and out properly (without hyperventilating) between now and November, then everything should settle down … just in time for the first holiday season in our new house.

Oh, good grief. I’m so doomed.