In the early 1980s, I pursued a writing degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa. I’ve since worked behind the scenes in publishing as a proofreader, copy editor, and typesetter. I’ve worked with publishers such as Carroll & Graf, Shoemaker & Hoard, Crown & Covenant Publications, Christian Publications (now WingSpread/Zur), Pegasus Books, and F+W Publications. I also proofread author manuscripts being prepped for submission to agents and editors.

I was president of the board of the  St. Davids Christian Writers Association (2011–2013) and am currently vice president of the Board of Education and Publication of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. I also serve as author liaison for the Bridgewater BookFest.

Several chapters of my very first novel, Gray Area, won awards at the St. Davids conference. The entire novel placed as a semifinalist in the national contest Operation First Novel in 2004. My second novel, Do-It-Yourself Widow, fared even better. The opening chapter placed first at St. Davids in 2005, and the entire novel placed as a top-four runnerup in the Operation First Book contest in 2006.

In recent years, my short humor essays have garnered numerous awards—from a national contest on to the Hall of Fame at the St. Davids Writers’ Conference. Two books of my humorous essays, Head in the Sand…and other unpopular positions and Fork in the Road … and other pointless discussions, are currently available on and

My favorite writing challenge, though, has been the yearly contest known as National Novel Writing Month:  writing 50,000 words of a single new fiction project during the month of November. I loves the pressure of a ridiculous, forced deadline. I’m currently tinkering with several of these crazy manuscripts, trying to beat them into submission so I can send them out into the world.

I also enjoy comedy, computer gadgets, movies, crocheting, reading—and entertaining my office guinea pigs, Bob and Frid, who keep me company while I’m working. I currently live in western Pennsylvania with my longsuffering husband, Wayne Parker. We have six children between us, all of them now grown.


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