Fork in the Road … and other pointless discussions

Have you ever had one of those days when everything goes right, everyone smiles and waves, and everywhere you look, the sun is shining and the world is perfect? Yeah, me neither.

FITR-front1But, instead of complaining, I knew it’d be more fun to write about everything that goes wrong, everyone who throws me off course, and everything I stumble over on my way from here to there. Because honestly, it’s all pretty funny when you think about it. And I think about it … a lot. —- The author of Head in the Sand … and other unpopular positions is back with more observational humor! No one is safe. She’s a proofreader by trade, and her attention to detail means she’s always finding things wrong with the world. Enjoy the ride … but watch out for that fork in the road!

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Head in the Sand … and other unpopular positions

Ever wonder what happens when an average wife and mother goes berserk … and writes it all down? You’re about to find out.

Humor writer Patricia Lorenz writes in the Foreword:  “I love this book. This funny, funny book. (Note the incomplete sentence, Linda?) Every story is funny. The way Linda Au looks at life should be bottled and sold as a panacea for eternal youth. I bet she never gets ulcers because of her funny, irreverent outlook on every single event in her life, big or small. She makes things like her husband’s tool chest and his TV-watching habits funny as all get-out. You need a tissue when you read this book to mop up the laughing tears. She makes teaching her mom how to use a computer, the art of folding sheets, a letter to Santa, renewing her wedding vows in Vegas, a head cold, a water bed, a wedding ring, soap operas, roller-skating, people-watching, bathrobes, fishing trips, and even lunch at the nuclear power plant the funniest things since whoopee cushions were placed on all the nursing home chairs. You’re going to love this book and no doubt you’ll be as jealous of Linda Au as I am.”

Order here (trade paperback or Kindle edition):

  1. So far, so hilarious!!!!

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