7 thoughts on “Way-Back Wednesday: Footnotes …

  1. Oh good gravy, I had one of those T2000’s. I remember it being about as “PC compatible” as a PC Jr. and a real hassle to get anything other than Deskmate to run on. I actually kind of wish I still had that DWP I had back then. Louder than bombs, but it’d be fun to be able to computer-generate impact-typewritten letters again.

    Maybe I’ll find a Wheelwriter with a centronics port someday.. 😀

    1. OF COURSE you owned a T2K! Yeah, they were NOT IBM-compatible. But I loved that thing. Bought it when they were already “second-run,” so to speak, for $150. Plus about $100 for the monitor and another $100 for the DWP. Never bothered with a dot matrix because I only ever printed out words/papers. I had Word for it, actually. Still have a lot of the software and disks (5.25″ floppies) but I have no idea why. I keep thinking I’ll find another T2K somewhere and will use it.

      Loved the keyboard action on that thing (with a curly cord like a phone cord) and the green monochrome monitor. I earned about 4-5 times what I paid for it typing papers back in the late ’80s. And CompuServe in text-only mode back in those days was a total hoot!

      1. Heh, I still have a copy of WordPerfect 5.1 if you want to utillize some DOS-only computer for word processing someday 😀

        Those early Tandy keyboards were pretty great clickys, I think the T2k had the same key mechanics as the earlier Model 4p, which I still have. If I do find another DWP analogue, rest assured that sucker is coming out to play (assuming I can find the weird slotted printer cable it requires)

  2. Though I champion typewriters whenever I can, I’ll be the first to admit that footnotes are not their forte. I was very grateful to have a Mac when it was time to write a dissertation.

    1. Agreed. Especially since I was charging by the page and not the hour back when I typed college papers on the Royal Signet. I really hated finding out at the bottom of an otherwise well-typed page that I hadn’t left enough room for the footnotes that showed up on that page.

      “Kids today” sure have it easy. (As long as they stay offa my lawn!)

  3. Yeah, it’s great that typewriters have been liberated from boring office work (unlike some of us humans). Computers are good for the mundane and the repetitive (blogging excepted of course!).

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