6 thoughts on “Way-Back Wednesday (Typecasting): Underwood TM-5

    1. Thanks, Steve! You’ve got some beautiful machines! I fear I may have started an obsession now that I have four. I’m meandering around eBay a lot more than I used to, and I’m visiting local thrift stores more regularly. If only these things didn’t take up so much room. (Hummel figurines are a lot smaller.) 😉

  1. Splendid typer! And yes, once you have more than one typewriter, you are doomed to always wanting to rescue the poor little buggers. They always look far better on your desk than in a thrift store 😀

    1. Truer words were never spoken (or typed). The “o” key on the TM-5 doesn’t go back down fast enough — still sticky — so I will have to do more limbering-up exercises with the cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. It’s definitely just a “gunk” cleaning issue, though, and not a problem with the machine’s innards. Hearing that sturdy “ba-DUMM” sound when I shift for caps really takes me back to ninth grade when I first used this model. And I’m still amazed that I knew where all the levers and switches were on this one (something I had to learn slowly on typewriter models that were new to me). How did my brain find room to remember all that nitpicky information for 38 years? 🙂

  2. It’s the “riding a bicycle” thing. I haven’t run an Itek 975 printing press in about 20 years, but it all came back when I started again last month. My hands knew where to go, I still remembered what the proper fountain mix smelled like (too much solution in distilled water smells too sweet), and my ears immediately knew all the sounds that the machine makes when it’s doing something it’s not supposed to. It feels like I last hung up the ink apron last Tuesday instead of 20 years ago 😀

    You do something long enough and it stays with you forever, I guess.

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